Food is an intimate language, because it crosses us and creates a deep bond of emotions and memories, overcomes linguistic and cultural differences, brings us to enjoy it in company. Good food is in this way an important form of communication, the “good mood” and can transfer the best from the home.


Convinced of this is Giuseppe Brescia, who sends us on a sensual trip through the roots of the Tuscan tradition and the various influences of the Mediterranean, which we find here. The island of Elba is one of the most suitable places to bring together Interpretation of sensitivity and creativity.


In the kitchen we try to use as much as possible raw materials, which are an expression of our territory, going above all from fruits and vegetables from the garden of Cernia. We gather wild herbs that grow generously in the meadows, while the fishing has the Fragrance of our Mediterranea sea.


On booking we decorate our tables also for those who are not hotel guests, but want to enjoy a tasteful experience with us.


Forza… enjoy your meal!

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