Botanical Garden

The Osmunda garden

Do you recall the “do not tread on the flowerbeds” signboard that you usually see in many gardens? Well, here at the Cernia we ask you to walk barefoot on the meadow, to smell the flowers and to taste the seasonal fuits peeking out from the leafy branches (Come on! Nobody will blame you for that).

The green area is 10,000 square metres of expansive grounds that surround the hotel, an ideal refuge for those who love to indulge in daydreaming and for letting yourself to get enchanted by the magic of a place that is able to tell you stories.

This wide area is just only 200 metres far from the crystal-clear sea of Capo Sant’Andrea and there you may find the massage area, the swimming pool, the tennis court and many spots of absolute peace. But the real strength of this place is its genuineness. Indeed although in this place you may find a large number of exotic and acclimatized wildlife species, the Osmunda garden (named after a significant collection of royal ferns flourishing on the banks of our stream) speaks the Elba language of terrace gardens and small dry-stone walls.

Going through its paths means to take a walk through a piece of history of this island, a sort of time-travel back to the past when the vineyards were cultivated through the use of mules and life had the flavour of fatigue and sweat spent on the fields.

Furthermore since almost ten years ago the garden became also a “natural art-gallery” that year by year hosts internationally renowned artists.

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