Emotions: art, music, poetry at the Hotel Cernia


I bless social networks. I mean it, because since they arrived on the scene, I’ve been able to share lots of information in real time and send “news from the Cernia” live to so many people.


When I set this place up, the first thing I did was ask myself: “What do I hope to find when I walk into a hotel?”. Well, we all agree when it comes to finding good food and comfortable rooms… I think that’s the bare minimum we expect, but my expectations went much further than that and, the more time passed and the more exciting meetings I had with the many wonderful people who stayed here, the more I learned that I was looking for and finding more. As time went by, a few knocks, a couple of steps backwards and lots of shared joy, I understood that what I was looking for and finding in my work was EMOTION.


Consequently, slowly but surely the situations arose spontaneously and I’d like to share my memories of a few of them here with you:

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