Our welcoming philosophy is based on the individual. It is just for trying to be closer and closer to the desires of those who choose to stay here that over the last few years we started to give new revised versions of some of our rooms. This project conceives the room to be firstly a living space, a sort of “room for the soul”, with the individual at its core. For this purpose we designed the “poetic rooms” and for the forthcoming years we will keep on developing ideas and plans that will be in line with our welcoming attitude.

We have available:

  • Capelvenere double rooms (available as triple rooms too)
  • Equiseto double rooms (available as triple rooms too)
  • Poetic rooms (available for double or single occupancy, and triple rooms or four-bed rooms)
  • Felce Dolce family rooms
  • Osmunda family rooms

Our rooms differ very much from each other for location, construction and features. This is the reason for we reccomend you to contact us if you have any particular need or any curiosity about the choice you prefer. Anyway Capelvenere, Equiseto (triple), Poetic and Felce Dolce rooms are located in the central structure of the hotel, while Equiseto (double) and Osmunda rooms are located in the heart of the botanical garden.

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